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         For the ultimate vehicle protection a front and rear bumper replacement is the way to go. Weather it be an animal on the road, parking lot protection or even finding an unlucky palm tree bumper replacements both help to protect the passengers of the vehicle as well as the vehicle itself.

        We offer a large selection of front bumper replacements from Ranchhand, Browns Welding, Road Armor, Frontier Gear, Fab Fours and HERD. Each of these bumpers can be painted, powder coated, or bedlinered all to the customers wants. If you need spot lights Attached to the bumper have no worries we can take care of that too.

Ranch Hand Summit

This is the Lightest of the ranch hand line of Front Bumper Replacements. This bumper keeps your factory fog lamps without adding too much weight to the front end.

Ranch Hand Legend

The Ranch hand Legend does not only offer maximum protection for the front end it also has a receiver tube built into the front pipe that allows for a winch or feeder to be mounted to the front. With there reinforced brackets this bumper is not going anywhere.

Horizon Front Bumper

The Horizon Series Front Bumper is Ranch Hands latest line of bumpers to compete with the flat plate trend. This bumper replaces the factory fog lamps with aftermarket fog lamps as well as featuring a Matte Powerboat finish!

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Frontier Gear Original

The Frontier gear original Front Bumper Replacement is an all diamond pate  heavy duty bumper. If you are looking for something to protect your truck at an economical price this bumper is the way to go!

Frontier Gear Pro

The Pro Series Front Bumper is a heavy duty Flat plate bumper replacement. This stout bumper includes a front receiver hitch and thier rust resistant powdercoat.

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Premium Plate

 This Fab Fours bumper is designed to be the ultimate in functionally-stylish front end protection while also providing more tire clearance to eliminate rubbing. Key features include the integrated fog and turn lights, D-Ring mounts and ability to accommodate up to 16,500 lb. winches. Available in either a Full Guard, Pre-runner Guard or No Guard Bumper.

Black Steel Elite

Fab Fours took the ranch bumper design and combined it with the smooth plate look from thier premium line to create BLACK STEEL ELITE. No grill mesh and premium powder coat give the ELITE bumpers a unique look. Like all Fab Fours' products they matched every bumper to the body lines of each model truck. The ELITE series is a whole new look with the same Fab Fours quality, manufactured in South Carolina, USA. Available in either a Full Guard, Pre-Runner Guard or No Guard Bumper.

Vengence Series Bumper

The Fab Fours Vengeance series bumper is a sleek low profile bumper designed to give you the most clearance while Protecting the Front of your vehicle. Thees bumpers offer a variety of LED Light options for both the fog light holes and 20" light bar across the front .

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Titan II

The Road Armor Titan II front bumper replacement is one of the  most Heavy duty front bumper replacements available. Weather your running through the back roads of Texas or in shopping mall this front bumper will protect your entire front end! The Titan II bumpers offer pockets for replacement LED foglamps as well as an optional  20" light bar in the middle or 16k winch.

Vaquero Front Bumper

The Vaquero front bumper is an entry level front bumper with plenty of room to upgrade. The basic vaquero front bumper has section 40 solid rod going around the headlights with a 1/8" steel grate protecting the grill. The Vaquero bumper gives you the option to either place a 20" lightbar at the bottom or add a bolt on winch mount down there.

Stealth Pre Runner

Road Armor Stealth Full Replacement Winch Bumpers are rugged, and loaded with added utility. The Original Faceted Stealth Series Steel Bumper in our Standard Premium 5-stage Satin Black powder-coat finish was the pioneer of the aftermarket bumper segment. Specifically designed to follow, compliment, and accentuate the body lines of your vehicle, this masterpiece of metal houses a WARN 12K Non-Integrated winch or similar.

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